BHaven Farms is a big believer in Cloud Technology.  We are committed to using the Cloud to improve data efficiency for our customers, breeders, and the entire livestock community.  We bring the Cloud into the Livestock Community by providing the following Digial Livestock Services (DLS).


NFC Ear Tags


BHaven Farms uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to provide easy access to a comprehensive fact sheet for each goat that we sell.   NFC is the latest and greatest RFID technology.  NFC differs from RFID in that the cell phone must be placed in close proximity to the chip in order to reads its data (usually a URL).  This requirement increases data security.

NFC Chip readers are included in most modern cell phones.  NFC Reader Apps (usually free) allow a cell phone to scan NFC Chips by simply "waving" the cell phone directly over the chip.

Check out this NFC link to learn more about NFC Technology.

BHaven employs NFC Ear Tags so that our customers can have easy access to a private web page for each goat that we sell.  Each web page is packed full of information, so that users can have all pertinent information (pictures, links, data) at their finger tips.


Goat Registry hosted on a laptoP


The BHaven goat herd data respository is stored in a MySQL database that runs on a Apple Mac computer. MyQL supports the SQL database query language.  This technology fully powers BHaven data movement and relativity.

BHaven also provides a Python service interface to the MySQL repository.  This interface abstracts all of the MySQL complexity and thus makes it easy to add, delete, update, and search data.


Goat Registry hosted in the cloud


BHaven is excited to host the BHaven Goat Registry in the Cloud.  This service makes use of Amazon Web Servies (AWS) and MySQL.  This allows the BHaven Goat Laptop Registry services to also be employed in the BHaven Goat Cloud Registry.  So the user interface between the two registries is identical.  The difference is that the Laptop Registry is only accessible on a single computer.  But the Cloud Registry is accessible on any computer.  And this accessibility can be easily limited and controlled.  In addition, the registry owner (BHaven) has complete control were registry data is stored and replicated in the cloud.


Messaging and Scheduling Service


BHaven provides a messaging and scheduling service that is employed on the BHaven Goat Registry.  This service allows instant messaging (via email or text) from breeders to customers.  In addition, this service empowers scheduled messaging (via email or text) from breeders to customers.  The result is increased communication between breeders and customers.  This service makes this communication more efficient, reliable, and effective.