What others say about Stephen and his work as a software architect and on cloud computing architecture:


I will remember Steve for his impeccable cooking and his connoisseurship of tea and wine. Setting aside his social persona, he put on his engineering hat and prototyped support for a well-known cloud API in the next generation deduplication project. Although it was a new area from him, he understood the technology and meticulously developed working code.

Tarun K Tripathy
Principal Engineer
March, 2011

Stephen and I both worked as Architects as Quantum. Stephen has a superb understanding of how Industry trends impact what technologies a company needs to be embracing, combined with a pragmatic approach at how to implement them.

Caitlin Bestler
Systems Architect
March, 2011

Steve is in early and out late. He is impeccably groomed and generates a camaraderie among his peers which few people do. Monthly home-grilled/smoked food, community tea, and group afternoon walks are some of the specifics ways Steve accomplishes this. Discussions with Steve show his strong technical knowledge, and always result in my learning and feeling comfortable asking for his help in learning about new technologies. This quality is unfortunately becoming less common in Silicon Valley. Steve represents an excellent addition to any start-up or highly focused group, and he is at the top of my contact list if I need someone with his expertise.

Todd Bezenek
Senior Systems Performance Engineer
February, 2011

Pyramid Technologies

As a new graduate, I had the good fortune to meet Stephen Broeker at Pyramid Technology. One of the most brilliant minds I’ve encountered in my twenty-year career, Stephen is an amazing software engineer and architect. As a mentor, he shared many lessons on coding principles and how to structure projects with consistent results. Regularly hitting each and every milestone placed in front of him, he is tenacious and results driven – truly an immense talent. He knows what he’s talking about, earning the respect of engineers and managers alike. Always a safe bet, Stephen delivers software that works. If you’ve got a software project or company-wide initiative, he never disappoints. Unparalleled stamina and an ability to focus, he produces reliable, clean code. Period.

Scott Lynn
Software Engineer
March, 2011

Steve is one of the best engineers I have worked with. For several years, he was my “go-to” guy – whether it was finding a critical problem at a customer’s site or taking the lead on developing product and getting it out the door. He has an intuition about software and designs that make him invaluable in both environments. As well as his engineering role, he worked well with the junior engineers as a mentor to bring them up to speed and to increase their productivity. I wholeheartedly endorse Steve and would hire him again in a heartbeat (in fact, I did again at Cisco).

Russ Wakefield
Director of Engineering
March, 2011

PhD Student at Santa Clara University

“Stephen Broeker is one of the most professional students I’ve ever taught. Disciplined and insightful, he’s interactive in classes, often inspiring others to join in. Stephen knows a lot about his domain; while I’ve had the immense pleasure to serve as his instructor, I can honestly say that I find myself learning from him as well. As his thesis advisor, I asked that he transfer his entire dissertation and paper preparation environment over to a new system. From a typical student, I’d have expected the process to take a large portion of the semester, but Stephen made the transition in a week. Writing for academia is a new challenge for him, it’s one that he’s tackling head on and succeeding with impressive ease. Stephen is particularly innovative, as demonstrated by the quality of his research. As part of his dissertation work, Stephen developed a new data layout that is an order of magnitude better than the state of the art and promises to enable previously impractical data analysis applications. That’s a truly noteworthy achievement, and particularly amazing given how quickly and professionally Stephen created a solution.

Dr. Ahmed Amer
Associate Professor of Computer Engineering
March, 2011