Stephen has been married to Evelyn for over 22 years and they have two daughters : Amber and Desiree.  Evelyn is the queen bee and her job is to keep Stephen in line.

Amber is married to Richard Chao and they have a daughter:  Skyler and a son : Aidan.  Amber works for Radiation Detection Company in Round Rock, TX.  Richard works for Harley Davidson also in Round Rock, TX.

Desiree is married to Matthew Togami, and is currently working from home, primarily tending to their rowdy son Tyler.  Matthew is employed by Ticketmaster.  

If you do the math, you will see that Evelyn and Stephen have three grandchildren.  Please note that Jesus had twelve disciples.  So what we have here is a bit of a mathematical discrepancy concerning grandchildren and future farm hands.   This is a hint to Amber and Desiree.

Evelyn and Steve live on a 10 acre farm in Florence, Texas, which is 45 minutes North of Austin.  The closest metropolitan area is Georgetown.  They raise chickens, goats, honey bees, and grandkids.  Evelyn and Steve are overjoyed to live in the Texas Hill Country where we proudly cling to our Guns and Bibles.