Fall 2017 Goat Report

At BHaven, we had 7 does give birth in the Fall of 2017.  That was from November 16 to December 26.  The result was 3 girls and 5 boys.  One of the boys is a Wether - from a Percentage Doe (Peanut).  The rest of the boys will remain bucks.  One of the girls is percentage - Peanut's daughter.  I decided to keep one of the full-blood does - Sunray's daughter.  The rest of the kids should be sold off in September.

Spring 2017 Goat Report

At BHaven, we had 9 does give birth in the Spring of 2017.  That was from February 21 to April 30.  The result was 11 girls and 10 boys.  All of the boys became Wethers.   Two of the girls were percentage - Peanut's daughters.  I decided to keep one of the full-blood does - Melody's daughter.  The kids were all sold off in September.  One of the percentage does (out of Peanut) brought the highest price.  I decided to cull (self off) three of the mothers - {Ruth, RFaith, BlueBelle).


2017 Goat Report

2017 was an interesting year for the BHaven goat herd.

I upgraded my buck - much better genetics.  His ABGA number is 10757375 and his name is Crossfire.

I also purchased 4 new high end does with nice genetics.  They are Sunray (1075638), Gertrude (10762813), Gretchen (10768039), and Oreo (10737791). Gretchen is Gertrude's daughter.

I obtained Oreo when she was 10 days old as an orphan.  So I bottle raised her.  She is very friendly and has a great personality.

Melody gave birth to a nice doe this year, so I kept her.  Her name is Melody One (very original).

Crossfire is NOT the sire to any of my breeding does.

To check out the pedigrees of any of my goats, go to ABGA

I also added a new goat nursery - 5 stalls.  So that I can segregate does and new kids for 3 - 5 days.  Gives them a chance to get on thier feet without pressure from the herd.

Here to for, my goat feeding program has consisted of Alfalfa Hay and Alfalfa Pellets.  And the goats have full access to a 7 acre native pasture.  I have not been happy with the Alfalfa Hay.  It is expensive and wastage is high.  So I decided to plant some alfalfa.   I carved out and fenced a 1.5 acre pasture, mowed, drilled, and seeded it.  The plan is to let it bolt before I let the goats into it.  This way the goats and the honey bees can enjoy it.  Hopefully that will happen some time in the Spring.

In addition, I have added a good quality feed - Jacoby to the feeding problem.

My next Goat Blog will be on the 2017 Birthing Season.


Buttercup Gave Birth To Twins

Buttercup Gave Birth To Twins

On Sunday May 29, Buttercup gave birth to twins. 
A boy and a girl.  They look exactly like the Mom - all red except for spotted ears.  The birthing only took an hour.  Mom had them all cleaned up and up and nursing in an hour.  The boy was born first, and Mom had a little trouble with him.  This is Buttercup's second birthing, so I did not understand what the trouble  was all about.  Until I saw how big the boy was.