Duncan’s Mills

Duncan’s Mills is a small town that is about 10 minutes East of the Pacific Ocean on the Russian River. There is a very nice diner there called Cape Fear Café. We have dined here a number of times over the years and the food has always been good and interesting. This café seems to get quite busy, so it is a good idea to come early for a good service.

Great Breakfast Place

We highly recommend the breakfasts. Everything is made in house. One of their specialties is Eggs Benedict. They serve it on grits. This place makes the best Benedict. Absolutely awesome. The have a number of different dishes in this category. Ham and cheese, shrimp, and sausage. It is served with excellent country potatoes and spring onions.

Evelyn likes the waffles and pancakes. They have a number of varieties. Bananas and pecans, snickers, and berries. Served with real maple syrup and maple butter. Decadent.

A great breakfast.

Duncan Mills Shop Recommendation

Duncan’s Mills has a number of shops. Here are two that we really like.

Mr. Trombly’s Tea Shop. A great tea shop, which is new to Duncan’s Mills. He makes his own blends. They have a number of different Pu-Erh blends. We purchased the Pu-Erh Chai. They also have great Earl Gray blends. We bought the Love Shack (which has chocolate) and the Rubee Grey (which has hibiscus). We finished out with Hibiscus Flowers and Enchanted Forest. This shop is an interesting take on the English Tea Shop. It has a nice selection of English style tea pots.

Evelyn always has to check out the Pig Alley Gift Shop. This is a chick shop that I can deal with. The stuff in here is interesting. And they have a great shop dog. Evelyn always ends up getting something. She always ends up buying a necklace and/or earrings.