The Harrold Burger Bomb Party

On Saturday, November 3, the Harrolds (Alyson and Doug) hosted a Burger Bomb Party.
A Burger Bomb is essentially a smallish hamburger patty on a biscuit, with some sauce.
A nice simple concept, thus success is based on the quality of the ingredients. First off, Alyson makes a wonderful sauce for the biscuits, kind of like thousand island dressing only better.

The patties themselves were over the top. Kudos to Doug. He is most definitely a grill stud.  The patties were all beef, stuffed with cheeses and herbage. The herbage consisted of habanero chills and basil. Awesome combination. The meat was grilled to perfection, just a little pink in the middle.

The Harrolds also grilled up some string beans and served up some marinated sweet peppers. To round things out, Alyson also brought out a nice green salad. Though I must confess that I was so busy stuffing my face with Burger Bombs that I neglected the salad.

I forgot to mention the appetizers. Cheese and honey with a Rombauer Zinfandel. The cheeses were a Stilton, an herbed brie, and a cheddar. The honey was of course from B-Haven Apiaries.  A very nice combination.

I never show up at a dinner empty handed, so I decided to bring 2 of my cheesecakes for dessert. I also took care of the beer. They are listed in order from light to dark, just how they should be tasted.

1)  Duchesse de Bourgogne
By Brouwerij Verhaeghe.  6% alcohol.  This Belgian beer is made with passion fruit.
A very nice fruit beer.  It went well with the cheese and honey.

2)  Rodfenbach Grand Cru Ale
By Brouwerij Rodenbach.  6% alcohol.  Another wonderful fruit beer.  It also went well with the cheese and honey.

3)  Hefeweizen

By Drakes in San Leandro, California.  4.5% alcohol. This is an excellent wheat beer.

4)  Echo Lake Ale

By Drakes.  5.2% alcohol.  A nice, easy drinking ale.

5)  Expedition Imperial Red Ale

By Drakes.  8% alcohol. This is Drakes seasonal rendition of a full bodied red ale.

6)  Cockeyed Cooper

By Uinta Brewing Company.  11.1% alcohol.  This beer is a Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine Ale in Uinta’s Crooked Line.  I would classify this as a dessert beer. Went very well with the cheesecake.

7)  Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers
By Stone Brewing.  5.9% alcohol. I am very fond of Stone’s Smoked Porter in general. But an added hint of chipotle puts it over the top.

8)  Black Robusto Porter

By Drakes.  6.3% alcohol. This is not your typical Porter. It is darker and hotter and I like it.

9)  Drakonic

By Drakes.  8.75% alcohol. I was able to pick of this beer from Drakes on tap. Fresh beer is always the best.

10) Labyrinth Black Ale

By Uinta Brewing Company. 13.2% alcohol. This is another beer from Uinta in their Crooked Line. This beer contains licorice and the result is simply awesome.

So I would have to say that the Harrold Burger Bomb Party was a smashing success. Great food, great cheeses, great brews, and great company.