The Il Postal Oakland Raider Dinner

On Sunday, September 23, we had the great pleasure of attending the Pittsburgh – Oakland football game. The Raiders won 34 – 31 on the last play of the game with a field goal. The Raiders played a very good game. They were balanced and disciplined. They looked much better than the previous two games.

To celebrate the win, we all decided to have dinner at one of our favorite local Italian establishments – Il Postal, in Sunnyvale. Evelyn and I have been dining there for a number of years and the menu and service never disappoint.


The staff is very good about allowing customers to create their own beverages.  So, over time, I have perfected the perfect Martini.  First of all, a proper Martini should be made with Vodka.  And it should be a proper Vodka like Belvedere (a Polish Vodka made from potatoes)  or Grey Goose (a French Vodka made from grain).  I am sure that we all know what a dirty Martini is.  When you add the olive to the drink, dump in some olive juice too.  Well I like grilled seafood – like scallops and shrimp.  So I also add the grilled seafood to the Martini.  Kind of a drunken seafood thing. I call this drink – A Dirty Seafood Love. I am sure that this Martini will catch on with the general populous and I will become famous.


Now to the menu.  For starters we shared a classic tomatobasil, and mozzarella combination.  But these guys took it over the top.  They used Buffalo Mozzarella and assembled the ingredients in a stack. They call it a Caprese Salad. Very nice.

We then had two different salads. Salad 1: roasted beets with Gorgonzolacandied walnuts, and mandarin oranges.  Salad 2: Shellfish spinach with prawns, rock shrimp, and mussels.  Both of these salads were excellent.  I had a glass of the Santa Cristina Orvietto 2010 with my salad.  A very nice, crisp Italian white wine that was a good match.

For the entries we had: Blackened chicken with prawns in a white sauce, veal in a white sauce, and salmon in a dill sauce.  I ordered a glass of the Seghesio Zinfandel Sonoma County 2010.  This is a classic Zin from my favorite California county.  It went very well with the veal.

For dessert we had the flour-less chocolate cake.  Very decadant.

So the game was a great success and the dinner was a great success.  An awesome way to cap off a great day.