Fogo de Chao

On April 13, 2018, we celebrated Mr. John Bergendahl's birthing day.  John is my cousin on my mother's side of the family.  So John and his wife Cathy joined Evelyn and I for dinner.

We decided to sup in Austin at a Brazilian Steakhouse called "Fogo de Chao"  This restaraunt has a service where you can eat an unlimited amount of meat.  The meat is presented on swords - which is very cool and very manly.  This service also comes with a good salad bar - but who cares.  You do not go to a Brazilian Steakhouse for the salad.  John and I were in full carnivore mode, so we focused all our our attention on the swords.  And the swords were wonderful.

As to the meat.  We had four cuts of beef, two cuts of lamb, two cuts of pork, two kinds of sausage, and chicken.

First off though, our waiter (Luis Carmona) was excellent.  He kept the meat coming throughout the evening.  My plate was never empty.  Luis was in complete control and gave us a great experience.

The wine list was good.  They have received a Wine Spectator Award  for a number of years.  We decided on a Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet and a Seghesio Zinfandel.  Both of these are good wines that paired well with the meat.

Even though we were stuffed with protein, we decided to hit the deserts and it was worth it.  So all in all, a great evening.  I would highly recommend "Fogo de Chao".