2017 BHaven Orchard Report

The BHaven Orchard was created in 2017.  The most difficult part was building a deer proof fence.  That required a 10 foot fence with reinforced steel corners.  I then added irrigation using a sprinkler system.  A total of 35 trees were added.

Peaches - did real well.  Even got a few peaches.

Pears - seem to do ok.  No fruit though.

Apples - seem to do ok.  A little fruit.

Figs - did real well.  Lots of small fruit.

Pomegranates - did ok.  Some small fruit.

Persimmons - they seemed to have died.

Nectorines - did well.  No fruit though.

Grapes - seem to do ok.  Very little fruit.`

Roses - 50% died.  One is doing very well.

Flowering Vines - doing good.