"Killing England, The Brutal Struggle for American Independence.", by Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

I am a big fan of Bill O'Reilly's "Killing" series.  The entire series - all of the books.  I learn lots of things from each book and they are captivating and easy to read.

This latest addition to the series, does not disapoint.  I consider myself well read on the American Revolution.  I have taken this study upon myself since I am in fact a Native American (I was born in the USA) and I thus have a vested interest in my country's history.  Yes understanding one's roots is important.  Unfortunately this sentiment has fallen out of favor as of late.  I think that is one of the motivators behind Mr. O'Reilly's scholarship.  Bill started his work career as a school teacher, so he is well aware of the national ignorance of this nations foundings.

As previously stated, I am not wholey ignorant on the American Revolution.  So I was much pleased to discover new truths in this book.  Our nation's birth was a close run thing.  General Washington made his share of mistakes.  But he learned from them and persavered.

It seems to be very fashionably today to lambast our founders.  They are called barbarians, sexist, racist, and the like.  We must remember that hindsite is always 20x20.  The founders struggled mightely to create the finest nation that this world has ever known.  They themselves were not perfect, so what they created was and is not perfect, but the result has been a blessing to all nations.

Many are quick to criticize the founding dads but they in turn are lacking in positive, substantive improvements.  These same folk dismiss and essentuall ignore the Constitution.  I think that people dismiss the founders so that the founders creation can also be dismissed.  And how has this attitude worked out for us?  Setting aside technological advances, is 2017 USA a better place to live than. 1776 USA?  Put another way, I would love to see our current form of governance replaced with the Washington DC of 1776.

O'Reilly and Dugard make a great historical, writing team.  I hope they continue to this collaberation.