B-Haven Goats

At B-Haven Farms we believe in sustainable agriculture.  We try to mimic nature as much as possible.  We choose a natural approach.  The goal is to minimize problems like disease and inbreeding.

So we have a single herd sire (buck).  Our buck is kept with the does throughout the year.  We never split up the sire and the breeding does.  The herd is treated as a single unit.

Upon giving birth the does and their kids are segregated for 3 - 7 days in individual stalls in the nursery.  The kids are weened at 4 months.

Our pasture is in a lower elevation, so it has good soil and good grass.  As apposed to a lot of the rocky areas in the Texas Hill Country. We supplement the herd with alfalfa pellets and Jacoby Feed.  We do periodically worm the goats and vaccinate for Tetanus.  We also trim hooves once a month.  But we do not use any other type of prophylactic medication.  But we will use antibiotics if necessary.

We do not control when the does are bred.  We leave it up to nature.

Stephen is a Cloud Architect, so it is no surprise that BHaven offers a number of Digital Livestock Services.
He also is a big fan of a Goat Registry


The Herd