Feeding Technique For Bees

This year (2016) I have tried a different feeding technique for the bees.  In the past, I used a Boardman Feeder on each hive.

The following pictures show what a Boardman Feeder is and what they are all about:

The problem with the Boardman Feeder is that once the bees get used to them, they consider them part of the hive.  This makes sence since they are actually attached to the hive.  So when you pull the jar to fill it with sugar water, the bees consider this activity as a threat and go into attack mode.  The result is a disrupted hive - not good.

So this year I am feeding the bees away from the hives.  By using modified Boardman Feeders.  I created plywood platforms for the feeders.  I call them Feeder Stations.  The feeder stations are far enough from the hives so that the bees do not consider them part of the hives and thus do not defend them.  The bees are thus not angry.  So I can feed them without any protective gear.

In addition, marauding wasps and ants are kept away from the hive.  The following pictures show my Feeder Station setup:

I have two hives and each hive is easily consuming a gallon of sugar water (50%) per day.  I hope that the results are worth it.