B-Haven Vegetable Garden

B-Haven currently has a single Vegetable Garden.  And we are planning on adding more.  In the Texas Hill Country, deer are plentiful.  And they love to eat vegetables.  Rabbits and raccoon are also common vegetable predators.  So if you want to build a vegetable garden in the Texas Hill Country, you will have to enclose it with some kind of deer/rabbit/raccoon proof fence.  This fence will have to be 8 feet tall, with a small enough mesh.  I chose chicken fence.

The Texas Hill Country has a lot of limestone.  So digging fence post holes is a problem.  Some areas are so rocky than a motorized auger will not work.  So in such cases, fences post holes have to be dug by hand. Using a Wrecking Bar or a Jack Hammer.  Both of these solutions provide a heck of a workout.

Since the ground is so rocky, it is also a great idea to use raised beds.  So I used railroad ties stack two deep to build the garden boundaries - 16X32 feet.  I then ran broadcast irrigation.  I am thankful that we have a well.  I filled the bed with composted goat and chicken bedding.  And finally, I used Landscape Fabric to provide a garden cover.  The Landscape Fabric shields the garden from the intense summer sun and protects the garden from violent thunder storms.

So once the garden was built, I filled it with the following vegetables: