"The Last Punisher, A Seal Team Three sniper's true account of the battle of Ramadi", by Kevin Lacz, with Ethan E. Rocke and Lindsey Lacz

Kevin Lacz was a collegue of Chris Kyle (The Legend).  Chris Kyle holds the record for most One-Shot-Kills as a member of Seal Team Three.  Mr. Kyle wrote an autobiography - "American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History".  I would highly recommend Chris's book.  The Last Punisher is essetually a companion book to American Sniper.

Kevin and Chris both served as snipers with Seal Team Three in Iraq.  Kevin provides an interesting viewpoint to Chris's career.  What was it like to server with the most accomplished sniper in U.S. military history?  It is clear that Kevin and Chris were warrior brothers and that Chris's death was a real tragedy.

Kevin does a great job describing his military career and his novel is easy to read and absolutely captivating.  Kevin is brutally honest about his experiences and that is greatly appreciated.

One thing that really stood out in the book was research that strongly suggests that only 2 percent of our population is capable of killing without suffering psychological trauma.  The good news is that Kevin seems to be in the 2 percent.  He seems to have adjusted to civilian life quite well.  He has a wife and familiy and challenging career.  He even has some association with Hollywood.  This is excellent.  I am very greatful for Kevin's service and. I wish only the best for him and his family.  This country owes Kevin a large debt and I hope he makes a ton of money and has a very comfortable life.  He has certainly earned it.

But what about the 98 percent?  You know, those veterans who are NOT capable of killing without suffering psychological trauma.  How are they doing?  Apparently not well.  According to Wikipedia, 20 veterans a day die from suicide.  Check out Scholar for lots of interesting articles on PTSD.

The U.S.A has a long history of using the military to fight our wars.  This country has a rich tradition of men and women sacrificing as members of our military.  This country is unique in that the military is controlled by elected officials.  Isn't about time that we return the favor.  How about we declare a war on PTSD.  How about our government put resources into this problem.

Mr. Kevin Lacz has written a fine account of his military career.  Definitely worth reading.  He has performed a valuable service by artfully describing the mental trauma that his team experienced.  The hope is that Kevin's work will help drive this country to help veterans when they return to civilian life.