"DIY Bitters, Reviving the Forgotten Flavor, A Guide to Making Your Own Bitters, For Bartenders, Cocktail Enthusiasts and Herbalists", by Guido Mase and Jovial King

So you thought that "Bitters" were some weird concoction that bar tenders added to drinks to somehow be traditional.  Think again.  The founders of Urban Moonshine  provide a tutorial on the {history, flavors, chemistry, story} of bitters.

Bitters are concentrated herbs.  Herbs are good for health for a lot of reasons - {digestion, alergies, mood, colds, flu}.  Turns out that bitters were created for a reason - to enhance digestion.  Back in the day (hundreds of years ago), germs were not understood.  But people relised that alcohol somehow purified water.  So they drank a lot of alcohol.  Bitters were added to mask the off flavors of bad water.  They even created a cocktail to cure hangovers - the Bloody Mary, which is essentually a drink with a lot of herbs and bitters.

By the way, bitters are no longer restricted to alcoholic drinks.  They work perfectly well with water, seller, or other non-alcoholic drinks.  But bitters can of course still be a nice additive to an adult beverage.

So the authors have presented a valuable guide to bitters.  First of all as a educational resource.  Secondly on how to make bitters, if you so desire.  Thirdly on how to use bitters.  Fourthly on how to employ bitters in drinkology.  And lastly as a sort of bitter medicinal guide.

I decided to check out Urban Mooshine on the web.  I went a head and ordered some bitters.  And I am quite pleased with the results.