Experience – Reconnex

Mountain View, CA
Senior Architect
November 2003 to September 2008

Designed and implemented Internet Security Systems. These products were based on a real-time object capture engine. As flows come in/out over the Ethernet, they were cataloged (in a database) and stored (in a file system). These products primarily consisted of applications code running over Linux on 64 bit Intel Systems. Platform Team Manager.

  • Responsible for the file system, database, search control, system configuration, and the process model.
  • My work was written in C and ksh.
  • Designed and implemented a process model that was responsible for application control. Included startup, shutdown, memory dumps, logging, status, statistics, IPC, and alarms.
  • Designed and implemented an IPC mechanism that was based on shared memory. Included queues, statistics, control, and a debugger.
  • Designed and implemented a file system that was modular and handled a sustained write throughput of a gigabit per second. This file system was used as the object store on the local disk array and on external storage.
  • Designed and implemented a search control mechanism that covered the object store. Included job control and results store.
  • Designed and implemented a star schema to facilitate search results performance when viewed by the GUI.
  • Designed and implemented a TCP/IP based message system that was used as a reliable, persistent communication path between systems.
  •   Designed and implemented the system configuration subsystem that was based on MySQL.
  • Awarded Outstanding Engineer, 3rd Quarter 2004.